202 East Oak/PO Box 429
West Frankfort, Illinois 62896
Phone: 618.937.2127

Southern Illinois’ Newest Opportunity for Book Publishing

Morthland College Press to Publish Academic Writings as Well as Others within a Classical Christian Niche

Morthland College announces its newest guild, Morthland College Press, which will feature the publishing of academic writing, and selected offerings from authors who wish to submit proposals for books of a more popular nature that fit within a classical Christian context. Authors may begin submitting proposals to Morthland College at PO Box 429, West Frankfort, IL, in October of 2015. This venture will provide an avenue for the faculty members of Morthland College to be published, and it will give some opportunities for those outside of the college to submit for publication also.

The first offering in the works is a revision of Dr. Ginger Stelle’s thesis about George MacDonald, entitled “A Swipe at the Dragon of the Commonplace: A Re-Evaluation of George MacDonald’s Fiction.” She will be changing the title and making other revisions for the finished book project. Later this school year, an anthology, produced by the faculty and staff of Morthland College, discussing the merits of a classical Christian education, will be placed into the publishing process.

Those outside the college wishing to send proposals should send cover letters, tables of contents, synopsis of the book, and two sample chapters to Morthland College, PO Box 429, West Frankfort, IL 62896. Please add “Attention: Morthland Press” to the envelope. Make copies as these items will not be returned. Submissions should also have clear instructions as to how the college may get in touch with the proposal writers. Once notified that a project is chosen, the author will submit a $300 fee to the college, which will offset the expenses of editing and related expenses.

While there are many worthy projects, personnel are limited, and the publishing house will be able to work only with a select few during this first year.